About Me

I prefer to be kept anonymous. Still, for now, people I have contacted about this site or people linked to me concerning the site will know who I am. I certainly am not trying to be mysterious or anything. I do have my reasons for this.

This website is meant for our community and eventually tourists looking for information about our county. It’s with our local small businesses and artists that I hope the site grows. Locally and ultimately, worldwide so that our local economy can have the bounce-back that it needs.

We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and what comes with that are significant expenses for living in such an area. Our economy is primarily based on agriculture and tourism. We must use our collective and unique abilities to revive our county.

Unfortunately, workers in those industries are taking the greatest hit due to this pandemic. Making this site is my hope to help the workers, small business owners, artists, stylists, and other people greatly affected by COVID-19.

So, sorry about that, but this is the about me page. I am not a prominent person in the county, nor do I wish to be. I grew up in Soledad, CA, went to Gonzales High School, and have lived in Monterey County the majority of my life.

I am in a 12-step program that has saved my life, and at the time of writing this, I have 7-years and change of being clean/sober. Another reason I prefer to be anonymous is my anxiety (one reason for my addiction).

I know the “About Me” page is supposed to be about painting a favorable picture of myself, but you’d laugh about that one if you knew me personally.

This is what I’m comfortable with providing at this time, and I hope you reach out if you’d like to be featured here. If you are passionate about your small community and want to write a story about it, please reach out.

Interested in Contributing or Advertising Your Business Please Email: scenicmonterey831@gmail.com